Illness that restrict you from working in Dubai

Illness that restrict you from working in Dubai

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The GAMCA clinics have listed the below as the diseases that may make one unfit to work in Dubai and other Middle East countries:

Infectious Diseases

1- HIV AIDS Reactive.

2- Hepatitis (B) Surface Antigen Positive and Anti HCV.

3- Microfilaria Positive & Malaria Blood Film Positive.

4- Known Leprosy Patient.

5- Tuberculosis any type.

A- Pulmonary by chest X ray showing active or past evidence of old T.B. Including minimum Fibrosis, calcification and Pleural thickening.

B- Tuberculous Pleural Effusion.

C- Tuberculous Lymphadenitis.

6- Venereal Diseases, VDRL Positive and TPHA Positive.

Non Infectious Diseases

1- Chronic Renal Failure

2- Chronic Hepatic Failure

3- Congestive Heart Failure

4- Uncontrolled Hypertension

5- Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus

6- Known case of cancer

7- Psychiatric Diseases and Neurological Disorders

8- Physical Disability eg. colour blindness for drivers, deafness etc

9- Any major operation

10- Hemoglobin below 10 mg/dl


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