Dubai – The land of opportunities for Job Seekers

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Dubai is the hotspot destination where the East and West meet each other. Dubai has been a dream destination for many expats who are looking to fulfill their long-term dream into reality. People from different countries like to stay here because of certain advantages like Cheap oil price, tax rebates and a higher standard of living. It has been estimated that among the 88% expats, majority of the population are Indians. There is a huge demand of Indian candidates at Dubai.

There are many jobs in Dubai for Indians ranging from blue-collar to white-collar jobs which helps an average Indian to increase their standard of living.

There are certain reasons that Dubai has become the favourite destination for the Indians:

  1. Monetory Blessing: Working in Dubai would draw you a tax-free salary. This will help you to save until and unless you are tired of desert life.
  2. Multi-Culture Experience : In your workplace you will get to meet people from different countries, with different cultures and probably with different languages. Meeting different people from different places would apparently broaden your horizon.
  3. Enjoy the Free trip to your Home Town : As per the HR policies of some companies the expats are allowed 30 days paid leaves every 12-18 months.
  4. Weigtage on your resume: If you have included regions like Middle east you have worked at, your chances of getting selected for a job goes on the higher side.
  5. Good air connectivity: This is the important factor to which many Indians are attracted. There is a good amount of air connectivity from most of the Indian cities to Dubai with just 3-5 hours flying time.
  6. Indian Food : There are ample of Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Indian Restaurants, so you would never have a glitch of eating outside.
  7. Acceptance : Dubai doesn’t show any kind of racism and accepts people from all the countries with open arms.

Dubai is the place of opportunities. So, don’t let the opportunity slip by your hand. Each day is filled with ample of opportunities, to change the story of our lives and live with it.

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